Matheo Yamalakis

Mexico -
Diary from Chiapas

1975. My first journey in South America, and the last working days in Chiapas, Mexico, for my film "It is nice to be privileged". (The year after, the film would receive the Quality Award of the Swedish Film Institute.)

There are about 800.000 souls living in the province of Chiapas, most of them decendents from the Maya People. There is incredible poverty here, but not even this can stop Pepsi, Fanta and Coca from establishing yet another of their empires. You will also find names like Berlin, Dresden, and Leipzig in Chiapas - placed on sign posts in front of the coffee plantations owned by aged European gentlemen.

In Chenalho, a little village in Chiapas, we met Father Michel - a Frenchman, priest and Marxist. Father Michel is a great admirer of Humanity and the voice of Edith Piaf. It was Easter week, an unforgettable time for a filmmaker and artist. So for a few days I let my camera rest. Instead I used ink and paper to draw my friends and to write down my feelings in my diary from Chiapas.



© Matheo Yamalakis, 2008