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Paintings & Poems
Matheo Yamalakis & Ove Wahlqvist

By your door

I am here now
I stand by your door
soon my voice
will fill your rooms

I am the one you have been expecting
and feared
I am the reason
you installed locks
and set up thresholds
But also the reason
you refused to let the flowers die

Soon I will take the step
and nothing will ever be the same
in your house

When my hands unfold
you make the final decision

I am here now
Never again shall I stand
by your door

Loneliness after the return

That waiting
That contemplation
That gaze
Those fragrances
Those sounds

The weight of not doing
just being, waiting

For generations the women in my family
have aged, changed
Their hairs have gone grey
their bodies have declined
into wrinkles, menopause
and here I sit

For generations the olive branches
have adorned our foreheads
when we have been seeking symbols
to match our absurd rituals
and here I sit

The game continues
The sun is still sinking over the Cyclades
Where else
could we possibly be?

The darkness of oak leaves

Another darkness

The oak leaves file it
as 3.578.221.984.107
and then store
yet another unexpected night

Me, I turn my forehead
against the bark
- receptive!



You heard the palette’s roar
when the years, the silences, the chopped efforts
assaulted you


As if all had been swept away
Now you feel the driftwood of existence
Now you know!
Nothing can be built
Everything is painfully present
in the moment

The Devil’s stare
reaches you even when you shut your eyes
All you have is
the scream

The German Shepherd

You're the German Shepherd
in my time dislocations
- I hold you
personally responsible
for the slightest skewness
in my seconds!

If I were Mozart

If I were Mozart
in your sensitive parts!

The nerve fibers
inevitable cadences
towards the end of the score

I take only one
indispensable note,
and place it in your core!!

Grethe on the beach

Bend down!

If you reach the soil
the cloud banks may well roll and thunder
over the firmament!

Your hands have so much to grasp
your body can be so heavy
your spirit is flesh and stone
Job could have been your name
if you weren’t

Now it’s your fight

Tough and persevering
you spit into the face
of The Almighty!

I am man

I am man

I have
the right to creep
the right to crawl
the right to crop
the right to crack
the right to creak
the right to cry
the right to cringe
the right to crave
the right to crunch

Because I am man

You are god

Should have learned
to aim by this time