Matheo Yamalakis

Matheo Yamalakis-Martzokis

The Zakynthos Film Club
Zakynthos, Greece
5 February, 2011

If it is true that cowardice is the worst of all sins, then ...


Once again, I would like to approach my friends using my art. An art that I want to show but not sell, an art from Then and Now. The meeting with my audience gives me a kick. A chance to experience the moments, listen to the critique and jointly take up flight in the realm of thoughts. Since many years I have tried to turn this gaze inward - at myself. Consciously, I have refused to sell my paintings, this colourful code that leads to my soul and my dreams of love, affection, knowledge, rebellion. I have turned my back on religion and thrown overboard all the terrifying stories and explanations of my existence. Now I know: the only things I own are my soul, my art and my film making. If I am who I am, and not what I have, no one can deprive me of my safety and my sense of identity.

In this industrialised world of ours, mainly controlled by men, no longer exists the vision of social justice. An unbridled consumption and the technological focus of everything related to the individual, alienates people from the world of visions. Capitalism, globalisation, mass media Americanisation, all the junk offered on TV and online today reflects the individual's boredom and despair, this rampant greed, ignorance and jealousy - all the foundations of our planet's miserable future. Still fascism is cultivated in our world along with the fanatical doctrine of religion, both resisting the divine ability of the human being to love.

I enjoy using my art to illustrate love, myths and sagas. I want to dream again, to create visions that we all had once but that we in these stressful lives hardly have any time to contemplate any more. Loving is a productive activity. Its meaning is to care of something or someone, to be acquainted with, to be responsive to, embrace, rejoice by: a person, a tree, a painting, an idea. It is to bring to life, a self-renewing and self-expandable event. But experiencing love in the form of ownership is to confine, imprison, or to master the subject of one's "love".

My alter Ego, Minotaur, subsists in the maze that is our society, and can be found in many of my paintings. My Minotaur, flying with joy and crying in his loneliness, pulls himself up to the full moon with his beloved beings. Ariadne's red ball of yarn does not lead to death. Minotaur instead uses it to reach his witch. He is opposed to anything that smells of globalisation, religion, consumption, easy money.

Now is the time for all free individuals to take a stand, speak freely, compose, write, paint, converse and allow their ideas to flow. Discover, witness and protest against the absurd and the inhumane in the new world view. That is how we begin to learn how to love.

...then love is what gives me the strength to swim against the current!

Matheo Yamalakis-Martzokis de profundis

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  1. Matheo Yamalakis-Martzokis de profundis

    Matheo Yamalakis Martzokis from the depths
    Panayiotou Kapodistrias, 8 February, English translation:

    As we know, this week, visiting our ”nice and lonely" island of Zakynthos, is the film director and painter Matheo Yamalakis-Martzokis, arriving from Stockholm, where he since the last decades struggles and resides permanently.

    During this period of stay on Zakynthos, we had the opportunity to experience moments and scenes from his remarkable and pioneering film work, to take part of his multifaceted personality, with a reason: to expose to us his soul, and shake the appalling indolence of our provincial winter! He is indeed a disorderly citizen of our world, openly fighting the misconceived globalisation, and simultaneously a secret runaway from the current "dirty and nasty smelling” pseudo-society!

    This morning he is even accepting, at our proposal, to deliver, in front of the lens of our e-magazine in order to spread to readers everywhere, his lives and beliefs as potential manifesto, with impulsion and emotion. The five-minute video briefly presents the struggling thoughts, the revolutionary tendencies and standpoint of a better world through art, love, and mutual respect!a

    We thank him for the presence and wish him a long life, and much success in his future works! Dear Matheo, your mother's land is awaiting your return, as soon as possible!

  2. Ένας άγνωστος Μαρτζώκης στη μητρική γη του, ο Μαθιός Γιαμαλάκης- Μαρτζώκης

    On his mother's native soil: Matheo Yamalakis Martzokis
    Panayiotou Kapodistrias, 5 February, English translation:

    With a great number of friends of qualitative culture attending this evening, a major child of the island was received in his native land: the accomplished director and a tactful artist Matheo Yamalakis Martzokis, who originates in this island's famous literary family Martzokis, but is now living permanently abroad in Stockholm, Sweden.

    From previous articles, we have been informed of the event, organized by the Film Club of Zakinthos at the cinema Foskolos.

    The event began shortly after 7.30 this evening with a short but warm reception speech by Dionysis Papadatos of the Film Club of Zakynthos.

    The first comprehensive speech was the philologist and writer Dionysos Serra, entitled "For Martzokis - Yesterday and Today."

    Following was the archaeologist Katerina Demeti, expanding on the concise subject: "Matheo Yamalakis Martzokis".

    With much interest and applause by the spectators then followed two short films by Yamalakis Martzokis at the end of which, the obviously humbled Zakynthian director thanked the audience - which embraced him with such warmth - the home of his mother, Maria, a poet, and ultimately his own country! A big surprise to us all was the the poetic, yet direct presentation of the film.

  3. Γνωριμία με τον Μαθιό Γιαμαλάκη-Μαρτζώκη / Matheo Yamalakis

    Meet Matheo Yamalakis Martzokis
    Panayiotou Kapodistrias, 2 February, English translation:

    A remarkable event currently recommended to friends of our readers: This coming Saturday, February 5, 2011 at 7.30 pm, in the cinema "Foskolos", The Film Club Zakynthos invites us to an evening acquainting director and painter Matheo Yamalakis Martzokis, of Zakynthian origin, who now lives and works in Stockholm.

    At the same event, Scholar-Writer Dionysos Serras will speak on "For The Martzokis - Yesterday and Today" and archaeologist Katerina Demeti will expand on the theme: "The art of Matheo Yamalakis Martzokis. Admission is free.

    The artist and filmmaker Matheo Yamalakis Martzokis was born in Athens. His father Georgios Yamalakis came from Crete, while his mother Maria, née Martzoki, was from Zakynthos. He began his professional career at the Athenian newspaper ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ while taking a course in journalism and working at the electric utility company ΗΕΑΠ.

    From his childhood he was concerned with drawing and the art of painting. A trip to West Germany led to him wanting to study there. With paintings and drawings that he brought with him, he skipped preparatory class and went immediately to the studio Werkkunstschule in Offenbach am Main. At the same time he worked in the newspaper Abend Post. Studies in Germany continued under a state scholarship for another three years. In the final year he worked as a studio man the Hessischer Rundfunk in Frankfurt am Main, because he liked film.

    Visiting Sweden for the first time in 1964, invited to a classmate's wedding, he was almost immediately hired as a graphic designer with the Swedish Television. In 1967 he came in among the top 10 out of 2000 candidates competing for a producer's training course at the Swedish television. Resigning as graphic designer, he later went on to work as a freelance producer. By residing in Stockholm, over five decades have resulted in a rich filmography and a great number of paintings. Contracted by Swedish Television as a freelance, he travelled around the world (Europe, Middle East, Latin America) and has completed more than 65 films and documentaries since the mid 1960's. He has held over 25 exhibitions in Sweden, Greece, and Germany.

  4. Βραδιά γνωριμίας του Μαθιού Γιαμαλάκη - Μαρτζώκη